Assisting Ministers

The Assisting Minister assists the Pastor during worship services. The Assisting Minister leads the procession into the sanctuary carrying the cross then leads portions of the liturgy, including the Creed, Prayers of Intercession, the Offertory Prayer, and Post Communion Prayer. The Assisting Minister sets the table for the Eucharist by pouring wine into the Chalices and uncovering the bread. Along with the Pastor, the Assisting Minister distributes bread to worshipers.    

 Assisting Ministers are necessary for good order and to represent the congregation before God during worship. They are also necessary during funeral services to assist with the liturgy and to represent the congregation in times of sorrow.  

 Who Can Join: All confirmed members are welcome to participate in this ministry.

Who We Serve: All who worship at Messiah

Contact:  Sign- up sheets are in the Worship Ministry Schedules binder under the Communications board.  First time Assistants should talk to Pastor, who will provide instruction and guidance.