Hub Structure

Our Hub is the governing body of the congregation, and consists of the Pastor, Congregation President, leaders of our five Core Ministries, leaders of three Support Ministries, and one At Large member. The Hub is guided in all its decisions by our congregational mission statement (above), vision statement,  strategic goals, and policies.   In addition, each of these ministries has prayerfully created a vision statement, included below.


 Our Pastor serves primarily as a spiritual guide, offering scriptural and theological insights to lead us to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and a community of faithful believers.  The Pastor leads the Hub in continuously discovering God’s mission for Messiah and taking action to live out that mission.

 In addition, the Pastor equips and encourages ministry leaders and serves as a resource to them.

 Congregation President

 The President presides at Congregational and Hub meetings and is responsible for proper conduct of the business of the church.  While all Hub members have responsibility to see that the Hub fulfills its overall responsibilities, if special issues arise, the president is the primary person responsible for resolution.

 The President also is chair of the Mutual Ministry Team.  The overall purpose of the committee is to support the ordained and lay staff and establish an environment that will that will encourage them to optimize their teamwork and service to the congregation and to each other.

 Although the pastor has primary responsibility for managing the lay staff, the president shares that responsibility to allow the pastor to maximize their time on spiritual matters.

 Congregational Vision:

 As we build up one another and Christ’s church, we at Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church worship the living God in word and sacrament. Centered in Christ, we joyfully stand shoulder to shoulder in praise, worship and service, listening for God, giving and receiving love, encouragement and forgiveness. We extend that love to the community to create a more just society, recognizing that all people are beloved children of God.

 As we build up one another and Christ’s church, we care for one another, offering comfort, peace and friendship in the name of Jesus. At the same time we care for all of creation as stewards of our time, talents and resources to comfort and serve others as Jesus has called us to do.

 As we build up one another and Christ’s church, we nurture all people as children of God. We study and learn together as disciples of Christ. We raise up leaders from among us to draw yet others to the love of Jesus.

 As we build up one another and Christ’s church, we passionately share the good news of God’s love and salvation by reaching out to others far and wide in welcome, recognizing them as friends we have not yet met. We confidently follow God into a future filled with hope, trusting the Holy Spirit and giving glory to God.

 Faith Formation

 The role of the Faith Formation Team is to provide opportunities for Faith growth for people of all ages. It includes Adult Christian Education, Confirmation, and our children's Sunday School Program. It is also provides support and coordination of MAD Camp (Music, Art, and Drama), and various Small Groups. Some examples of Small Groups can be Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, Library Offerings and various types of Youth Gatherings. 

  This ministry handles the requests, questions and support necessary for all of the Faith Formation ministries. We support the current programs and encourage new ministries that may be proposed. In effect, the team works to provide the best Christian Education programs that we are able.

 The Faith Formation Team also provides contact with the other Hub Ministries and their teams when those involved in Faith Formation programs need assistance or have a question or concern related to our other Hub Ministries.

 Faith Formation Vision:

 We are disciples of the living God, learning at the feet of Jesus, open to the Spirit working in us and through us to make Christ visible.  We work together in love, challenging each other to grow and act in faith.  We recognize and celebrate God's work in ourselves, in others, and in the community.

 Reach Out

 Reach Out starts with Hospitality, genuine care for individuals, and the willingness to share God working in your life.  The Reach Out Team, also known as Evangelism encourages, supports, and empowers the following existing Ministries:  Cookie Ministry, Hospitality Center, and Nursery Care at special services.

 The Reach Out team also assures that our Country Fair, which is an intergenerational event for the Messiah congregation and all of our neighborhood friends, is organized to better share our worship, food, fellowship and games with one another. 

 The Reach Out Team gathers on the first Saturday of each month to serve a lunch with soup or salad and sandwiches to all those desiring to gather for food and fellowship.  We enjoy sharing with and serving our neighbors.

 Additionally we take advantage of all opportunities to reach out to the unchurched and under-churched, cooperating with other ministries such as Angel Tree, MAD Camp (Music, Art and Drama) as well as outside groups who use our building facilities such as Boy Scouts.  These  efforts to reach out to share the good news with interested individuals seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ.

 The team also works with communications to get the word out to the community about special events at the church.

 Reach Out Vision:

 We extend Christ's love by reaching out with open arms and hearts.  We joyfully welcome all people into fellowship, service and Christian worship.  Called to be Christ-like disciples, we support each other and care for all people.  Inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit, we serve all in daily life.


 The service team organizes and leads missions of service to meet the needs of the community.  The service team uses input from the congregation and its team members to identify needs and issues for the congregation to be involved in addressing. 

  The service missions are continuously changing, as the needs change.  Typical activities include: Angel Tree, Benevolence to the Community, Blood Drive, Creative Hands (Shawls), Crop Walk, Disaster Relief / Gulf Trip, Erna's Hope, Feed My Starving Children, Greece Food Shelf, Habitat for Humanity, Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center Projects, Lutheran Episcopalian Campus Ministry Dinner (RIT), Maggie's Kids / Community Lutheran Ministries, Operation Christmas Child, Bread Ministry, Pillowcases to Sundresses, R_Community Bikes, RAIHN, Spruce Up Greece, St. John's Home, Thanksgiving Baskets, and Winter Coat Drive.

 Service Vision:

 We are all God’s children. At Messiah, we will endeavor to be God’s hands and feet, serving all of his people. Using our God given gifts, with thoughtful prayer, commitment, and generosity, we will provide a variety of services to meet the needs of the community.


 Stewardship is the ongoing year-round ministry that focuses on Messiah’s missions  as a mark of discipleship.  The Stewardship team supports our mission programs to ensure the “best use” of the time, talent and treasures of Messiah’s members and friends.

 In addition to leading the annual stewardship campaigns for these gifts, the team partners with the other ministry teams in furthering Stewardship education.

 Stewardship Vision:

 We are good and faithful servants persevering in our lifelong mission to use our gifts of time, talent and treasure so that when our time on earth is through we can approach our Savior with a heart which has loved and with hands which are gnarled and worn in their service of him who is our all.


 The Worship Team meets to discover ways to faithfully and imaginatively bring scriptural text alive and invite the meaningful participation of everyone present. We meet to grow in our understanding of how to enhance our regular and festival worship experiences.

 Worship Vision:

 Gathered as a community of God’s children, celebrating our redemption through the cross of Christ, with hearts and minds open to hear God’s word, we anticipate a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit.  We know God is alive and among us, engaging us, and speaking to us whenever we lift our voices together in praise.  Through our enthusiastic participation in music, liturgy, prayer and sacraments we create a place where people are comfortable to express the full range of human emotion.  We recognize that God is responding with comfort, encouragement, reassurance, forgiveness, blessing, challenge, excitement, hope, power, inspiration and relationship - empowering us to carry the good news of the Gospel into the world.

 Support Ministry Team Responsibilities


 The key responsibility of the Communications Team is to improve quality, frequency, content and format of verbal and written communications to the congregation and the larger community.  Key parts of this communication are the Herald, Website, and Good Stuff group activities.  The Communication Team will monitor internal communication channels (such as the Herald and the website) to be sure that all Messiah disciples feel that their concerns and their contributions are heard and valued.  Communications will maintain accessible and up-to-date records of the missions and contact information about Messiah ministries and groups to help disciples find places to exercise their gifts, and to aid them in creating new ministries and groups as they are led by the Spirit.

 In addition, this team is responsible for the use of multiple means [written, verbal, multi-media] of sharing with the congregation and the larger community how God is at work through Messiah’s various ministries.

 Communications Vision:

 We empower Messiah's disciples to do the work of Christ by make accurate information available to all in the church and in the larger community.We effectively explain, remind, refresh, and refocus the work of Messiah's ministries.We enable the coming-together of individuals into a cohesive community.

 Finance Team

 The Finance Team sets policy and direction for financial well-being of Messiah Lutheran Church. This includes both the income and expenses of the church.  Responsibilities include: counting the offering each week, paying the expenses of the church, financial reporting, auditing, endowment fund, and coordinating the annual budgeting process. 

 The Finance Team includes the Finance Director, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and other members as appropriate.  The Finance Director is the leader of the Finance Team and the primary contact/leader for financial questions.   The Financial Secretary is responsible for receiving all funds paid to the church. The treasurer is responsible for payment of expenses.


 The key role of the property team and its chairperson is to monitor and implement the proper 
maintenance and protection of the grounds and structures located at Messiah Lutheran church and to insure that the same is kept in good repair.

 In addition, the team utilizes and coordinates congregational members through the use of the time and talent list. When necessary professional help is engaged to insure that maintenance and improvements are completed in a timely manner.

 Property Vision:

 As faithful followers of God, we join together to provide a sanctuary from life’s troubles and storms, a Holy place where all of God’s people can come to be embraced in the care, comfort and safety of Jesus' loving arms. We offer our time, talents and treasure to provide a worship space for the Lord’s people to give worship, honor, glory and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

At Large

The role of the At Large Member of the HUB is to assist the HUB with special projects and
activities and to promote initiatives in support of the congregation's strategic goals.