Operation Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Operation Christmas Tree Fundraiser is going to begin this month, to support our youth, who want to attend the next National Youth Gathering.  Help support Messiah’s youth with your time, talents and prayers. 

We are beginning in October/November, by asking for donations of supplies to equip our little general store of gifts, hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes, wreaths, mittens, hats and tree stands.  A box will be provided near the front entrance to receive your items. 

In November, we have hands on opportunities to come together to set up the lot, lighting, fencing, signs, on November 10, after the Men’s Breakfast, at 10 am. 

Our next get together is on November 18th, after worship.  We will unload the trees and put them on the posts.  A good lunch will be provided also. 

The actual sale begins on November 23, Black Friday, 12-8 pm and ends on December 16th, at 8 pm.

Volunteer sheets will be put up October 21st, in the Narthex.  We will have opportunities to help with the sale as cashiers, lot people, openers and closers. 

Saturday/Sunday 10-8 pm shifts about 4 hrs

Monday - Friday 5-8 pm shifts about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs.

There will be cash and tree donations also.  Flyers are available in the narthex, at the end of October.  We hope you can place them in your daily place of businesses, restaurants, hair dressers etc. Help us make it possible for the next youth gathering and have fun doing it with others.

Would someone like to experiment with their skills to fashion a stand for our new Baler?  It could be a basic wood stand that would get it off the ground.  Call Rhonda