Man’s Search for Meaning

After surviving three years in concentration camps, psychiatrist Viktor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning” based on his observations that those who were able to hold on to faith and hope in spite of the death and dying all around them, had better chances for survival.   

            In the hopes that we might learn from Dr. Frankl’s observations, Pr. Hans would like to offer an opportunity for us to read his book together with guided conversation.  We will meet from 7:00 – 8:00 on Sunday May 17 through July 12 (with the exception of June 21 and July 5). Because of the Pandemic, it would be best to order our own books and have them delivered to our homes.  They can be purchased from Amazon starting at $8.39 and at Barnes and Noble, starting at $11.99. If you need assistance ordering a book, please contact Cathy Coe.


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