Family Promise of Greater Rochester


Messiah is part of the Family Promise of Greater Rocheter, a group of faith-based congregations that provide adequate shelter and stability to homeless families. Some of the congregations, called Host Congregations, in the network provide housing for a week at a time, other congregations, called Support Congregations, partner with the Host Congregations to provide services during that week. Messiah partners with Incarnate Word, who provides the shelter.

Each congregation or team of congregations provides support for one week; there are 15 teams of congregations in the network.

The families in the system are interviewed and screened by the group's Director and are thought to be good candidates to become self-sufficient within 6 months or so, and need assistance finding housing, employment and training for other family needs, i.e. parenting, during the period of support. The group's goal is to have the families re-established in their own living quarters in a reasonable amount of time.

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Volunteers are needed as:

Bus drivers (children remain in their own schools during this time)

Hosts to greet the families when they arrive at Incarnate Word daily, assist the cooks with the evening meal, and socialize with the families during the meal.

Cooks to provide meals for the families

Overnight chaperones to stay with the families at Incarnate Word.

Laundry providers to wash the bed linens after the families stay at Incarnate Word

Day Center Volunteers to be a support to the group's staff in helping the families with laundry and/or showering facilities, or to answer phones.

Meeting Day and Time: Messiah assists for a week at a time based on a rotation schedule, approximately once every calendar quarter.  Specific hours are based on the service provided - there are opportunities at all times.

Meeting Place: Most take place at Incarnate Word Lutheran Church, but laundry and meal preparation can be done at home.

Who Can Join: Anyone, training is highly suggested for all volunteers and is available periodically.

Who We Serve: We serve by assisting with other volunteers to achieve the group's goals.

Contact: the Church Office