Congregational Strategic Goals

The Council has adopted new Congregational Strategic Goals for 2019-2022 to guide our development and growth as disciples and to provide focus in our ministry to the community.  These goals were developed based on input received during congregational small group discussions and our Visioning Workshop held earlier this year.

  1. Increase engagement in activities that specifically serve, support, or advocate for underserved or marginalized persons.
  2. Develop & implement a three-year “No Wrong Way to Pray” program.
  3. Create regular opportunities to practice telling our faith stories to one another.
  4. Equip members as they interact with the community with a story/prayer to share.
  5. Plan “purely fun” congregational activities to allow us to simply enjoy & celebrate being together.
  6. Express more joy in worship.

In the months ahead you will hear more about the vision behind these goals, initial ideas about implementing them, and the metrics we will use to measure our progress.  As always, if you have questions or comments, please share them with a member of the Council.