House of Mercy


         Blankets are needed on the street and blankets are needed inside the House of Mercy to provide bedding and warmth for the extra visitors needing shelter on the coldest nights.  The police know that there is always room in the House of Mercy.  No one is ever turned away.  Thank goodness, over the last few years, more shelters have been created making more beds available for shelter from the weather.  However, when the weather is at its worst and the shelters fill up, there are still hundreds of homeless people living on the streets.   On cold miserable nights, the staff and volunteers from the House of Mercy go out and locate as many as they can to provide blankets and offer a ride to the House of Mercy.  Not all want to go inside.  But they will accept blankets. 

                Blankets are needed desperately.   In addition, we are hoping that you can find some items waiting in your closets.  Socks are the hardest to keep in stock.  Socks need to be the heavy duty warm socks for winter.  Also needed are long johns, underwear, sweatshirts, and sweat pants all sizes small to XXXL.   House of Mercy also helps families with food, clothing, bedding, children needs and more. 

Little travel sizes and sample lotions, soaps and shampoo are needed to provide anyone who wants a shower a chance to clean up.   Even if someone does not live in the shelter, they are welcome to stop by and shower.

         If you would like more ideas for donations - go to      Read the first paragraph and click on Amazon Wish List.      

         Donation boxes, labeled “House of Mercy” are set out just down the stairs to Fellowship Hall on your right. 

Contact: Barb Corman