Sunday Night Study: POVERTY, BY AMERICA by Matthew Desmond

According to the “World Population Review” we live next to the fifth poorest city in America (of the 293 cities with populations over 100,000) with its concomitant struggles with hunger, crime, schools, housing, health, unemployment, racism, etc.

Yet, most of us live in towns that are in stark contrast to that label. How do we understand this disparity? What, if anything can we do about it in light of the reality as Matthew declares (chapter 26.11), “you always have the poor with you?”Most of all, as Christians, how are we called by God to respond to it?

Please join us, beginning after evening worship from 6 pm to 7:30 to read this compelling study to help us better understand one of the most troubling inequities in our country.

Please sign up in the narthex or call/text me if you would like to be a part of this study. Thank you. Pastor Hans (hjri24@gmail.com)