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Pastoral Message March 30



Dear Friends


           After we worshipped together Sunday, the words from Matthew 18:20 kept creeping into my mind, “Where two or three of you are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”


           Some of you were gathered in twos or threes. Some of you in family groups much larger, and still others were groups of one. I, myself, was home alone in the morning. And it seemed odd to be “worshiping” alone. And yet, there were so many more of us, together, in prayer and praise, bound together by the Holy Spirit. It was a glorious thing to know that Jesus was in our midst as the word was shared and the numbers in the little box on the left hand side of the screen kept growing.


           I thank you for joining together. I thank you for learning new technologies. I thank you for caring for one another by staying at home. I thank you for the ways you are reaching out to one another.


           In the remainder of this email, I have some information to share that might be helpful to those of you who feel you are able to do some volunteer work. So, please read on. And know that for the health and wellbeing of our disciples, there will be no extra work going on at the church.


           Thank you so much for continuing to be the Gathered Body of Christ!




Pastor Aileen






Some of you are wondering what to do to be helpful. Here are a few things:


·       We ARE doing something. By staying home and staying away from people we are loving our neighbor the best we can at this moment. We are recognizing that what is important about the ministry of the church is the health and well being of all those who enter our doors. 


·       You can pray. You can pray for those who are suffering, for those who are bored, for those who are working in healthcare and in our grocery stores, for those who do not have enough, for those who are home with their children, for those who are alone, for our leaders to make wise, conscientious decisions.


·       If you feel able, you can contact Sue Dennis at 225-7250 and offer your services to drop of bags of food or make medicine runs for our folks who can't get out. 


·       You can call a church friend and check in on them. 


·       You can get on the waiting list to volunteer at Food Link. Here is the link to the information


·       You can donate a pint of blood. The specifics can be found on this website where you can read the current regulations as well as search for a location nearest you:



Keeping in Touch


·       Please keep making those phone calls to one another.


·       Worship will continue to happen on Zoom on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Please watch Cathy’s emails for log in information.


·       Bible Study will continue to happen on Thursday morning. All are welcome to join. This week we will look at the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians. Here is the information to join the meeting:  Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 840 620 497


·       I will have Office Hours for anyone who wants to join me at 10:00 – 11:00 Wednesday morning. Here is the information you need to join: Meeting ID: 963 067 857


·       While we can’t meet in person, you may still call me to talk or email me to set up a time to speak privately. I’m always happy to hear from you.