Communion Classes

For 2000 years the Christian Church has celebrated Holy Communion as Jesus' special gift to us. We believe that through this sacrament, God forgives us and shows us the power of His unconditional love. Baptized children are ready to receive the sacrament when their parents make that decision. It is the family meal that nurtures our faith and we welcome all children regardless of their understanding to the table.

As the youth grow in their faith and understanding, we believe it is important to understand the Old Testament background of this meal, the meaning of the meal for Jesus and His disciples, and its meaning in our lives. When parents desire this education for their children, we invite all children who are ready for instruction, to a day of bread making, conversation and biblical teaching about the sacrament that is age appropriate.

Meeting Day and Time: Classes are held for those children ready to begin receiving communion. Offered as often as requested.

Who Can Join: Any child whose parent feels is ready for communion.

Who We Serve: Those desiring to commune.

Contact: The Pastor