Youth Group

Youth group teens (grades 6-12) meet for many fun, special events throughout the year.  They also get together to talk, play games and share fellowship with each other.   They currently do not have a regularly scheduled meeting time, but all youth are invited to join them in their activities.  Some of the activities include getting together with other area Lutheran Youth as well.  For more information on the next youth event, check the calendar, church bulletin, or contact Pastor Aileen Robbins or Tarra Hartmann (338-3666). 

 Every three years, the youth in 9th grade through 12th grade (completed) attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering, which takes place in a different city each time.  The youth sponsor several events during the year to earn money to go this Gathering, such as a Pasta Diner, Garage Sale, Can & Bottle drive, Chicken Barbeque and more. Even those youth not old enough to attend the Gathering that year, help out with the fund-raising activities.    

 This year, the youth are preparing to attend the gathering being held in Detroit, MI. They will travel together with other Lutheran youth from around the Genesee Finger Lakes Conference to attend this event with over 30,000 other Lutheran youth from across the country. It is an exciting and important event in the faith journey for many of these teens. 

 Contact: Tarra Hartmann, 338-3666 or The Pastor.